Pam Soltis

Pamela Soltis

By postureadmin | December 18, 2023

To live life to the fullest and welcome each life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Love life, learning, and family; strive to be more patient, charitable, empathetic, and kind. Smile more, complain less, look for the joy in life, be grateful.” For 15 years, Pam has brought that philosophy to her work at Kevins Worldwide. Every day is different, and each client is unique. For Pam, it’s fun to explore different solutions and be a strategic partner who will provide out-of-the-box ideas. Her distinct approach has allowed her to cultivate impressive partnerships with companies like Onsight Healthcare, Atlas Molded Products, and Luxottica. Pam’s hard work and dedication are evident, receiving a perfect attendance award for 15 consecutive years. Pam is just as committed in her personal life, celebrating over 20 years of marriage to her high school sweetheart.